Van Hunt – The Fun Rises, The Fun Sets


The return of D’Angelo has brought renewed attention to lo-fi, throwback soul, but Van Hunt has spent over a decade exploring these muddy waters. The slinky track “Teach Me A New Language” is a highlight of Van Hunt’s fourth studio album.

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Track List:

01 Vega (Stripes On)
02 Old Hat
03 Pedestal
04 Teach Me a New Language
05 (Let It) Soak (N)
06 …Puddin’
07 She Stays With Me
08 Headroom
09 French For Cloud (Cstbu)
10 Rub My Feet (Suddenly)
11 Emotional Criminal
12 If I Wanna Dance With You
13 A Woman Never Changes
14 The Fun Rises, the Fun Sets

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